This post is related to PUBG mobile India Thumbnail and you will find 10 different images for your videos. As you guys know in my blogs, I regularly share Free to use Thumbnails for your YouTube videos. So, make sure to bookmark this website to get different clickable thumbnail. I created Most of these images by myself but in some images I have used backgrounds, particles, effects from other content creator’s packs. They provide these materials in their pack and share them through YouTube. When it comes to me, I used SORIFF’s Premium Pack, Amlit and more others. In some way I am also a content creator but I am not on YouTube. You are currently in my main website and this is my Facebook page and my Instagram. We should connect there and have chat. In these socials you can ask me anything you want to know about any of these. And yes also on the comment section, drop a comment now and give me ideas. For now I am not in any other social platform, Whenever I’ll start I will definitely let you guys know about it.


So, in this section you will find these thumbnails. I am writing all these text content only for SEO and not meant for anything else. If you get these annoying, just ignore all these and scroll down and enjoy your awesome images. To be honest I gave a lot of time to create these and it would be great, if you give me a proper credit of this. It will mean a lot for me. In this post there are 10 images, I used only two words in these because I found two words are great. But later you will find in some of these, there are only one word is written. This is not because of some reason, it’s just cause I found that attractive. Yes, you are right. My English is not that great, I know. I am trying everyday to improve this and I can assure you that one day my English will be awesome. Go down and download all images of your choice in just one click.



  • First things first, This thumbnail is inspired by Indian flag (tricolor). Orange, White and Green colors are all over the image with Battlegrounds Mobile India logo and with text “Indian Reflex”. This is amazing.
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnail
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnail

  • Here Comes The best pick for of this post. UZI, the close range beast with text “RUSH” and eye-catching glowing purple color. No one can resist himself from not clicking the video with this image.
Pubg Mobile Rush Gameplay Thumbnail
Pubg Mobile Rush Gameplay Thumbnail
  • And Here is everyone’s favorite gun, The M416. You definitely have clutched many squads with M416. That’s Why Cool reloading M416 in FPP view with lighting pink color. This PUBG Mobile India Thumbnail will give your video a lot of clicks.
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnail One
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnail
  • What’s most important move in close range fights, A Headshot. Headshots define your victory in close range. “Headshot Master” Texted screenshot for your video.
Pubg Headshot Thumbnail
Pubg Headshot Thumbnail
  • Looking for Classic Montage Thumbnails, Here it is. Glowing bluishness all around the photo makes it look cool.
Pubg Classic Thumbnail
Pubg Classic Thumbnail
  • Akm lovers, This one is for you. The Close range beast and The headshot Specialist with title “CLUTCH MASTER”. Yes You can clutch a whole squad with AKM.
Pubg Mobile India Clutch Thumbnail
Pubg Mobile India Clutch Thumbnail

More Thumbnails Below

  • “Frontline Assaulter” titled screenshot with greenish effect. This can be your pick for your next video.
YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube Thumbnail
  • The Magical M16A4, best gun for single taps. When it comes to single tap your enemies, I prefer M16A4 above all guns. This gun comes with magic powers.
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnail Two
Pubg Mobile Thumbnail
  • QBZ with “Montage” in Road Rage font makes it look coolest above all. In your next montage video, this should be your thumbnail with Battleground Mobile India logo.
Montage Thumbnail
PUBG Montage
  • At last another photo for your Squad Wipes. Rugged M416(The Orange One) looks awesome in FPP mode. Use this in your videos without any hesitation.
Pubg Mobile India Thumbnails
Battlegrounds Mobile India Thumbnail


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My name is Amit Kumar and I am from Jharkhand, India. My in game name is [DP] GabbaR. I play BGMI on regular basis, Currently I am pushing to Conqueror this season. The C1S1 frame looks so cool and I want that so much. If you want we can play together sometime. We can jump into the virtual world of Battlegrounds Mobile and get a chicken dinner. For this you will need my character id and This is my character id is 5409558689, we will bang together. That’s all for this post “PUBG MOBILE INDIA THUMBNAIL” . I’ll see you there.


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