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Hello friends! How are you? Welcome to my website where you will find a lot of different Thumbnails for your videos. In this particular post, we will be taking a look at some of the best-edited thumbnails ready for you. All these are 1080P PUBG Thumbnail images ready for your upcoming video. In all these thumbnails, there are no texts which are very good for all of you. You will be able to add the personalized texts and logos of your YouTube channel. If you are going to use these images in any of your videos, A shout-out will be great for me. That will help me a lot.


All these images are in 1080p HD quality. In these different kinds of effects, elements and characters have been used to make it look bold. The following thumbnails will definitely give your video a totally different look. These photos are eye-catchy because of the motion blur effect and the glow effect. I am going to describe some little details about these in brief to give you some idea about them. This information is not a compulsory part, If you want you can skip this part and just download them. But this will help you select a good one for your video. In the next section, I will describe the images and will help you select one of them for your video. So, I should take you to the images and not bother you more.


  • Which one is the best and the most loving gun of the game? Yes, you are right. It’s an M416, the assault rifle turning your opponents into crates using 5.56mm ammo. The brilliance M416 skin with the character’s hand glowing in purplish color. Which gives the thumbnail an awesome finish.
    1080p PUBG Thumbnail
  • The second one is coming with an M16A4 automatic rifle. This skin came in the Royale Pass Season 9, I guess. I have this skin, it looks cool and to be honest with three times scope, it is looking out of this world. There is a very fine vignette that is adding more value to this 1080p Pubg thumbnail for YouTube.
    pubg thumbnail for youtube
  • Do you know, AKM is also known as a close-range beast weapon? This is a reason behind many others’ love for this beautiful gun. AKM with golden skin and a golden glow around it with a cool vignette is giving the vibe that you are going to clutch your opponents.  If your YouTube video is a PUBG clutch montage, this should be your first choice above all. 
    1080p pubg thumbnail for youtube
  • Sanhok beast with two times scope is divine. You know this is a map-specified weapon and Sanhok is known for its Bootcamp fights. If you land on a QBZ directly, you will be a great danger to your opponents. A lot of eliminations will fall into your board. Looking for a thumbnail for the Sanhok highlight video? Hit the download button below.
    PUBG Thumbnail
  • If you are a sniper of your team, you will probably use some DMRs and Bolt Action Rifles. Take a look at this one, A SKS with eight times (8x) scope and a red and yellow finish. This can be a good choice for your PUBG sniper montage.
    1080p pubg sniper thumbnail


  • Here it is, I was waiting for this from the beginning for this 1080p PUBG thumbnail. I wanted to use this in the beginning, but now it is here. Another close-range beast, small magazine but a lot of damage that the opponent can’t bear. That space finish and blue color glowing outline make it super eye-catchy. This one is my favorite one on this list.
    1080p PUBG Thumbnail Download
  • What can be better than this? A superb outfit and matching weapon finish with matching glow in it is differently amazing. Every PUBG player will identify this place in the first guess. Pochinki in motion blur effect looks great. If you have an M16A4 with a 4x scope and you are in an off-angle position it is the best for your team. For single taps, this gun is the love of my life.
    PUBG HD Thumbnail
  • Just in case, If you have not used this weapon yet You cannot be called a pro player. Players got frightened just with its sound. This is the power of the drop weapon MK14. You will need to connect only three bullets and you are done. Your opponent will be on his knees before you. That is why MK14 has only 20 bullets with an extended mag. Twenty bullets are enough for a whole squad if used properly. This is called a powerful weapon. You can peek in front of Groza for a second but you cannot peek in front of MK14.
    PUBG MK14 Thumbnail HD


  • The second last PUBG thumbnail is again an M16A4 gun with Draconian finish. This is a close-up view of the same skin with your character’s hand. To make this image, matching colors’ glow has been used with a filter, vignette, and motion blur. With this, you will knock your opponents down with their burst and single shots. In close-range fights, burst fire is better than single shots, because in its burst the bullets travel upwards. And this movement can get you to connect a headshot to your opponent.
    PUBG Thumbnail HD
  • Final image of this 1080p PUBG thumbnail post is an SLR’s FPP view. Do you know Scout from Team X Spark? If you do, you probably know that Scout’s favorite DMR is SLR. He uses this weapon like a master and gets knocks and eliminations for his team in BGMI competitive scrims. This weapon is pretty hard to control but after good training, you can master this. This is also a good choice for you to use this thumbnail in your PUBG montage video.
    PUBG Thumbnail For YouTube Download


At the end of this post, I want to thank you all for visiting here and downloading these thumbnails. I will be glad to see you using any of these images in your YouTube video. You can go to my Instagram, follow me and DM me saying that “you are from my website”. I will accept your message request and then we will talk about the content and improvements we both should implement in our content.

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